Darla Jade

Single cover for "Slow Motion" by Darla Jade

Slow Motion by Darla Jade – Single Review

We are all too guilty of running around, trying to get stuff done, rather than taking time out to live in the moment. New single “Slow Motion” by Darla Jade, released at the end of March takes us into a […]

Line drawing of Ghost In Me by Darla Jade - Single Cover

Ghost In Me by Darla Jade – Single Review

Electro-pop singer-songwriter Darla Jade is back at it again releasing outstanding music. Titled ‘Ghost In Me’, the new single is fuelled with cutting lyrics and haunting tones. Following in the footsteps of previous single ‘Overcrowded’ and ‘Forget You Not’, ‘Ghost […]

Photo of hands and flowers of Darla Jade Forget You Not single cover

Darla Jade – Forget You Not – Single Review

For anyone that’s been reading Slap Magazine online over the past few months, they’ll know just how much we’re loving Darla Jade. Returning with her latest single, ‘Forget You Not’ is a meaningful number straight from the heart. Known for […]

Darla Jade - Two of You - Single cover

Darla Jade – Two of You – Single Review

Midlands based electro-pop artist Darla Jade is clearly stating she’s an artist to watch as each release goes by. With just under 30,000 streams on Spotify, Darla’s a force to be reckoned with in the electro-pop world. Generating an exceptional […]

Dara Jade

Darla Jade – Frenemy

Following on from the truly heartfelt “Overcrowded”, Stoke based singer Darla Jade is back with a new single. “Frenemy” was released on 10th April and shouts a bittersweet tale of backstabbing friendships over an upbeat track that make you wanna […]