Single cover for "Slow Motion" by Darla Jade

We are all too guilty of running around, trying to get stuff done, rather than taking time out to live in the moment. New single “Slow Motion” by Darla Jade, released at the end of March takes us into a summer vibey tune about the hopes that someone can bring us back down to earth to appreciate the simple and beautiful things in life.

The track opens as a gentle wave of synth pulses which Darlas delicate voice floats perfectly over. As the chorus hits with the force of a tidal wave, the pace and beats quicken, taking us into a dance track that has already received air play on BBC Radio 1. Deservedly so. The song has an addictive quality about it, and Darlas beautiful tone has plenty of opportunity to show us what it’s capable of, as she can change pace and pitch with effortless ease. Written last September with Rhys and Mikey Fletcher, this song lyrically gives us the motivation to slow down, despite the up tempo danceable beat. The lyric “I wanna know what its like to never run out of time” is one we should all take note of.

The rise and fall of the music cleverly takes us from the highs of rushing around , to the peace and tranquillity we feel when we do slow down and breathe.

Darla oozes coolness and her songs always showcase what a talented singer she is, but “Slow Motion” ,  for me, is a track that deserves to get the Staffordshire/ Midlands based singer/songwriter even further along the path to a successful career than she already is. Darla says she’s guilty of not living in the present moment, with lockdown making her realise all she was doing was wishing time away waiting for things to happen.

The accompanying video which can be found on YouTube, is set by sea, which goes hand in hand with the escapism instilled within this track. Vocally , Darla is up there with today’s chart topping female singers such as Anne-Marie and Tate McRae. The lyrics of her tracks are so honest and written with such passion, you can feel her heartbeat with every word. Talented and cool, who wouldn’t love this absolute star?

By: Kate Ford

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