Single cover for Your Power Is Off by Silverlake

“Pop” can be a dirty word sometimes – frothy, lacking substance, something frivolous for the kids.  It can be all these things and I have to confess, I like a bit of cultural junk food as much as the next person.  But then there’s pop with all the same accessibility of that stuff, but that’s more  meaningful, refined and satisfying.  “Pop-For Grown-Ups” is what I like to call it: Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence”, New Order’s “Ruined In a Day”, Kylie Minogue’s “Confide In Me”, you know what I mean.  “Your Power Is Off” by Silverlake belongs in that category and it’s also part of that very British strand of pop that has light, lolloping funky breakbeats, syncopated bass and soulful female vocals all mixed together with wit and a light touch that positions it somewhere between the radio and the club; like the Stereo MCs, Groove Armada or Soul II Soul.

This fantastic song has funky double bass, jazzy piano melodies and aggressive organ stabs behind a breathy vocal telling a tale that seems to be about trying to untangle yourself from a destructive relationship.  Or it could be about male impotence, I couldn’t tell for sure…  If you imagine  Portishead remixed by the Stereo MCs and you’d be near the mark.  This is from the newly re-mastered version of Silverlake’s album “Paradise Place”, which you can get hold of right now.  Now, I don’t really know what “re-mastered” means, but I do know what my ears tell me and, I have to say, these tracks sound really fantastic.  I love how bands have harnessed the lockdowns to be creative and get busy when they can and as well as re-mastering their music Silverlake have also made a lockdown video.  It’s a murky atmospheric affair full of white flames, plumes of colour, and the brooding presence of their singer Sally-Anne Parker.  The second track is a remix of “Shake Your Head”.  This is infectious and danceable with a big, thumping house beat like Basement Jaxx.  Synths shimmer past and it nods its head to the famous bass drum riff of New Order’s “Blue Monday”.  It’ll definitely get your lockdown kitchen Friday night dance started! Loved it. Right, I’m off to get hold of “Paradise Place”.

By: Eastside Jimmy

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