Single cover for Falling by Siverlake

“Falling” by Silverlake – Single Review

Lighter than “Mercury Soul” both musically and lyrically.  It’s an upbeat, vivacious piece of pop with a classic Nile Rodgers rhythm guitar and a drum beat that’s been turbo charged by listening to too much house music.  A pulsing Basement […]

Single cover for Mercury Soul by Silverlake

Mercury Soul by Silverlake

I’m pleased to say, a new Silverlake album is approaching. I know this because they’re releasing a series of singles to whet our appetite for more of their sophisticated, soulful pop for adults. The second release is “Mercury Soul”, a […]

Single cover for Peaceful by Silverlake

Single Review: Peaceful by Silverlake

I always find it intriguing which songs artists are interested in covering and reinventing. Peaceful by Silverlake is an obvious confection, much like rhubarb and custard. For the band, it’s the only cover they have ever considered, which is intriguing… […]

Single cover for Your Power Is Off by Silverlake

Your Power Is Off by Silverlake – Single Review

“Pop” can be a dirty word sometimes – frothy, lacking substance, something frivolous for the kids.  It can be all these things and I have to confess, I like a bit of cultural junk food as much as the next […]

Silverlake Shutdown EP

Shutdown by Silverlake – EP Review

Over twenty five years ago a good friend had to endure painful mental health – due to an act of incredible betrayal – thankfully a respectful & qualified Mental Health Nurse was available. When I articulated this upsetting development to […]