Single cover for Falling by Siverlake

Lighter than “Mercury Soul” both musically and lyrically.  It’s an upbeat, vivacious piece of pop with a classic Nile Rodgers rhythm guitar and a drum beat that’s been turbo charged by listening to too much house music.  A pulsing Basement Jaxx bass line and synths that sound like early Happy Mondays complete the sound and another great vocal tops the mix with the lyrics seeming to reflect on the exhilaration of an exciting relationship even though you know you should probably avoid it.  As the song travels through a perpetually ascending middle section it beckons you to dance to the end, and the music pumps you across the dancefloor to its conclusion.

“Falling” by Silverlake

Two contrasting singles then, but both indicate that Silverlake’s upcoming album “Jim Rockford’s Smile” should be a corker.  It’s promised before the end of the year, and at this rate it should definitely include some top tracks for New Year’s Eve dancing.  But which single was my favourite?  I couldn’t possibly comment, as you’ll have to give them a listen to make your mind up for yourself.

By: Eastside Jimmy

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