Single cover for Mercury Soul by Silverlake

I’m pleased to say, a new Silverlake album is approaching. I know this because they’re releasing a series of singles to whet our appetite for more of their sophisticated, soulful pop for adults. The second release is “Mercury Soul”, a song light on its feet but with darkness in its heart. A skipping funky guitar line beckons you to the dancefloor (played on a Mandora lute, apparently) when a beat is dropped that’s so big it’s impossible not to think of Fat Boy Slim, but minus the constant upbeat gurning. This is joined by a squealing high-pitched synth line redolent of Dr Dre’s best 90s west coast rap productions, usually evocative of the LA heat. However, here the lack of warm west coast gives it a creeping sinister feel.

Mercury Soul by Silverlake

As ever, Sally-Anne Parker’s vocals bring darkness to the song’s edges. Her cool refined soulfulness is a fascinating combination of emotionally distant, yet totally committed. Not emotionally cold but… restrained, is the word I often find in my mind when listening to her. Thankfully a vibraphone melody arrives to soften this cool detachment before synth squelches and a siren dense up the mix as we’re ushered to the door. Behind us the vibrating and collapsing song reflects the sense of detachment of its subject. All this, and I found it irresistible to dance to.

Whew! Let’s try the third single Falling“.

By: Eastside Jimmy

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