Single cover for Peaceful by Silverlake

I always find it intriguing which songs artists are interested in covering and reinventing. Peaceful by Silverlake is an obvious confection, much like rhubarb and custard. For the band, it’s the only cover they have ever considered, which is intriguing…

The jarring synth intro is discordant and at odds with the song’s title; an audio lightning- storm on the horizon of a summer’s day? After all this is dear old Blighty. The song then bounces sedately along like a fully inflated space hopper. The bass line underpinning the track and producing a peaceful and hypnotic pulse reminiscent of the centre of a Mackintosh’s Golden Cup.

The honeyed voice of Sally Ann Parker, with echoes of Sarah Cracknell, offers a confessional quality that lulls and pacifies like an unexpected heatwave. The very cadence and vocal-rhythm of the song is like a meandering straw-hatted and pollen stained walk of a summer’s day.

 Accentuated by 1970s graphics, the accompanying piece of artful cinema captures a sublime and carefree summer’s day. Our attention is held by Parker’s solo performance. The camerawork highlights the sun’s attention, on Miss Parker, as the lens is pointed into the sun, a la Easyrider’s seminal approach. However, I still kept an eye on the horizon hoping the Banana Splits would appear in their buggies. My nostalgic view of the 70s is nearly as romantic as Silverlake’s.

Quixotic maybe, niche perhaps but nonetheless Peaceful by Silverlake has more staying power than a whole pack of Wriggley’s juicy fruit.

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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