Single cover of Drown by Beorma

Beorma, a Birmingham based indie pop/R&B duo, release Drown, the single that’ll finish off their debut EP Virtual Emotionality, set to be released later this year.

Soothing synths, daydreamy vocals and chilling lyrics, Drown is not only the type of track for vibing to, but also for self-reflection. With its low-fi chill sonic atmosphere, you are taken in an airy headspace feeling as though you’re drowning. Chanting the lyrics “Hold me up, bring me down, help me drown,” this track explores the conflicting nature of mental health. Drown is a track that people deserve to listen to, especially now with the mental health effects of lockdown.

Beorma’s music relevant in today’s social climate. From topics like female equality in their single “Woman”, mental health in “Drown” and traces of lockdown scattered around the EP. Even from the title of the EP, “Emotional Virtuality,”, Beorma’s music connects with a new generation growing up through lockdown. Moreover, this is again mirrored in the nature of this musical duo, as Beorma, consisting of Tom and Ferns, who unearthed their love of music during lockdown. Collaborating ideas back and forth online, Beorma created seven tracks in their forthcoming debut EP “Virtual Emotionality.”

Beorma’s music is important and deserves to be listened to. Drown leaves you gasping for breath through its intense, dreamy synth sound and deep meaning. Overall, it is a great track to finsih off a great EP.

By: Imogen Evans

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