Photo of hills for Clarity by Kyle Parsons - Single Cover

Worcestershire based singer/songwriter Kyle Parsons has a penchant for poetry and lyricism, which is clear to hear in his latest release “Clarity”. A wonderfully relaxing tune to relax even the most addled and stressed minds in a world of uncertainty, Clarity hits the right frequency with every word and note.

After being in an indie-rock band and an alternative band previously, Kyle struck out as a solo artist in 2018, and released his first single “Honey Bee” in 2020, which signalled a change in direction musically towards more acoustic, indie-folk tunes.

Think Bon Iver, Damien Rice, Mumford & Sons, and you get a similar vibe to the path Kyle is now going down

The opening seconds of this track immediately appeals to my love of guitar music, a simple little melodic rhythm. Kyle’s vocals join in with the same mellow feel, as he takes us into his ode to nature and mindfulness. His vocals are soft and nothing short of beautiful, and they trip in harmony with the delicate , reassuring lyrics, and the three elements wrap into one to make for the sweetest heartwarming track. For me, Kyle’s voice alone is the stand out element , with a subtle trill to suit the music.

Clarity is a track that had been rattling round in Kyle’s head for a number of years, changing and evolving, until it has reached what I feel is a perfect example of waiting until the time is right. It is also the first song of a whole collection that will be appearing over the coming weeks and months.

The verses talk of dream like states, new horizons, and offer soothing words of support, and the chorus is euphoric in its story of lighting up the air. A mid story narrative keeps the same melody throughout leading into a final verse and chorus which increases in sound and urgency, a virtual deep breath of fresh air into musical lungs, ending on a perfect soaring high note. A thoroughly blissful track to clear your head and gain, as the title suggests, some much needed Clarity.

Kyle Parsons was not on my musical radar before, but I think he’s definitely one to watch, and I look forward to the next instalment in his series of planned songs.

By: Kate Ford

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