Artistic Cover Image of Learn to Lie Cloud 9 Single

Learn to Lie, a Midlands-based alt-rock band release single ‘Cloud 9’ a feel-good rock banger. With pounding drums, funky riffs, powerful vocals, ‘Cloud 9’ strikes electricity like lightning. Capturing the partying spirit of summer, this song is what was needed to close off the underwhelmingly non-banger of a summer.

Mirrored by the groovy and funky riffs in the verses, the lyrics describe soaring through a cloud and the freedom of flying. Almost feeling the wind through the clouds, the energy and intensity crescendo. Eased in by the mellow guitar and emotion evoking lyrics, and then suddenly the chorus ‘blows away’ with its powerful vocals.

The music video, produced by Piggyback Records, encapsulates the feel-good nature of the song. With their electric gear, the band rocks out by a lake in the depths of nature. The freedom of the lake and wildness of the nature compliments the electricity of the song.

Breaking barriers between genres, the nu metal vibe and grunginess are sprinkled with modern twist to create the Midlands alt-rocker sound. Even so, this song is indisputably a song you can rock out to. The verses groove with a calm relaxed smoothness, sliding into the piercing guitar solo and before you know it you a sunk into the cloud-like delicate outro. 

From their debut single ‘Breathe’ in 2017, Learn to Lie continuously release incredible tracks. ‘Cloud 9’ is one of the most refreshingly feel-good bangers I’ve heard in a long time. I am looking forward to hearing what Learn to Lie comes out with next.

By: Imogen Evans

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