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Lloyd Griffith – One Tonne of Fun
Huntingdon Hall, Worcester – 24th February 2023

What a night, we were entertained by a chubby choir boy, a short, fat brunette and the proud owner of a “12 mile penis,” all rolled-up into one. Lloyd Griffith take a bow…

The Baggies fan sat beside us had been looking forward to the gig. Along with the pew-full crowd who swelled the numbers. Although, as Griffith pointed out, the balcony seats couldn’t be used as they were “undergoing some work”. Boing Boing.

Supporting yourself must involve some heavy lifting as the time on stage is extended. Griffith did not mind as he was clearly enjoying himself. With his knock-about routine regarding little known facts about Cathedrals, our Choir boy, warmed up the room with his knowledge; “not always funny but always educational.” Griffith and his ad-libbing skills – and they are impressive – ensured we enjoyed the spontaneous certificate- giving ceremony for Charlie, from the audience, who had just attended a week long building skills course. Original!

Building on the foundations of his own support act the second half of the night introduced the latest tour: “One Tonne of Fun”. The architect of the show was the pandemic malaise the break-up of a relationship and so much more. At times the jokes gave way to equally impressive singing which gave the night a Wagnerian quality even if he was singing about his “12 mile penis”. Highly original. Without seemingly stopping for breath or stopping for a pause the amiable comic took on the big issues of the day. The excruciating pain of, er, heartburn and the inevitable Rennie addiction was addressed. Poor sleep and the introduction of memory-foam mattresses and the acquisition of silk-pillow cases was debated with near “PM’s question-time” authority. Bloody original.

Cheeky yet inoffensive, ebullient yet reflective at times, the stand-up performer has honed his show. Griffith clearly enjoys making people laugh. He is the young scamp in the classroom and playground who got away with everything. Lloyd Griffith might present his lighter side on stage, however, the 18 stone comedian is no makeweight when it comes to making people laugh.

For most in the know, the performance was as solid as the Baggies defence under Pullis. Just a genuine shame the balcony seats couldn’t be used on the night.

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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