Photo of Maisie Adam

Maisie Adam at Cheltenham Town Hall Tuesday 18th October 2022

When I first heard Maisie Adam was touring with her new show titled “Buzzed,” I lazily presumed the title referred to her distinctive haircut…how wrong was I?

Growing up in the late 70s & early 80s we all knew skinhead girls with the profound donkey fringe, buzz cut, or Chelsea cut and recall they tended to have an edge, an unspoken aura of threat. Maisie Adam has no such edge and she only threatens to entertain and amuse. Adam’s and the Adam family character are reflected in her wholesome humour. Even Maisie’s support team are kind, I have never had a kiss in a management email before when requesting review tickets.

The world weary and miserabilst humour of male (& female) counterparts is not for Adam. Although, Adam has been telling jokes and stories for 5 years her smile of incredulity hints at the pleasure she takes personally from her tour and her time on thestage. Adam is rightly buzzed to be feted and she must have been buzzed to have filled out the Pillar Room on this faux-autumnal evening.

Maisie Adam does not take herself too seriously! She is happy to entwine personal tales of anonymity into her routine; content to include stories of ritual abuse on line; more than prepared to share tales of her unravelling engagement scenario with her audience…all in the wholesome pursuit and execution of raising a bloody laugh!

Being an oik off the Council estate, whenever anyone uses the word “posh” to describe a place or venue etc; I sense that someone is suggesting that somehow they are not worthy or not allowed in this rarefied place. Adam uses the word a lot and I can’t help but feel she deserves to gig anywhere. Even if she has had 17 previous owners!

Engaging with her audience was both effortless and a necessity for Maisie Adam. The audience knew she was on their side and just wanted to connect. Accordingly, the rapport was tension-free and mutual. The art of making anything look easy relies on hard work and experience.

For those lucky enough to spy our Maisie on Tuesday, I think it is fair to say they were buzzing on the way out. Even though it was a school night, the urgency to leave disappeared and the backward glances and slow-footedness of many of her audience hinted at a need to meet and greet Miss Adam. So Barbara, if you read this by chance, you can go do one!

By: Swilgate Scuttler
Photo credit: Matt Crockett

PS As we drove home past the Bishop’s Cleeve turning, I couldn’t help but think, yes, it does sound a bit like a…

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