Dakesis - Surrender your fears

Album Review

Dakesis are a four piece progressive metal band from Birmingham. Reports and reviews reveal that they have a reputation for “electrifying showmanship” , and after hearing the track “Surrender your Fears” and watching the accompanying video, it’s clear to “see and hear” that this is a band that needs to be seen AND heard for the full impact of their storytelling prowess. Gemma, Matt, Amie and Adam have released their album “Fractures” during the height of our UK lockdown, which has unfortunately meant they had to cancel their launch party in their home town of Birmingham. However, you can still give the band a like and start showing your support by giving this track a listen. Straight away, you are transported to a mythical, darkly gothic place, with an enchanting intro that hypnotises and enthralls the listener, like a charmer to a snake. The singer Gemma is like a siren, beckoning you in further to the mystical tale being sung over whining guitars with speed and precision. “Who holds the key to break the seal?”, lyrics that narrate a gothic fairytale, fit for a movie soundtrack featuring dragons and cursed swords.

This is metal music at its shiniest best, with a female vocalist who is a force to reckoned with, and clearly seasoned professionals that make up the band. Regulars on the festival scene, which is no surprise. The video is as darkly tempting as the song and these guys deserve all the support they get, especially during these trying times for musicians. The full album can be streamed on all major platforms.

By Kate Ford

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