Cover for Darklight Horizon: The Fallen and Oxide - Single

“The Darkest Light That Shines So Bright, Horizons End That’s Out Of Sight”

An inspirational quote or the tag line of recently formed New Classic Rock band Darklight Horizon, based in Gloucestershire.

Under the dark cloud that was 2020, Vinnie (vocals), Kurt (guitars), Zach (Bass) and Johnny (Drums) gathered and created their first studio tracks, “The Fallen” and its B-Side “Oxide”. Due for release this month, both tracks were recorded at Shockerwick Studios and produced by Keith Holmes.

“The Fallen” is an epic 5 minutes in length, but every second is needed to convey the depth and musical genius on offer from this clearly talented bunch of guys.

The melody quietly reminds me of the Ugly Kid Joe version of the song “Cats in the Cradle” , but add to that, some extra grit to the vocals, and ramp up the power on the guitars and bass, and this track soars way higher on the classic rock scale of awesomeness.

A delicate few seconds of guitar intro builds up to the first verse when joined by the deeper bass and gentle shuffle of the drums. The opening quote above takes centre stage in this tale of  contemplation upon life and where it’s going and indeed where it ends. After the first two minutes, the track turns into a story told by music alone, with a slower interception which has the most beautiful guitar and bass work, giving a sound track to your deepest thoughts. The vocals kick back in at around the 3 and a half minute mark, with a cry out for the fallen, and a glorious cacophony of instrumental support creating an anthemic atmosphere, rousing visions of punching fists in the air with passion and power as the song comes to an end.

B-Side “Oxide” starts off with a faster tempo and yet a softer sound, and opening line “Sometimes I should let go of that which isn’t good for me” is but a faint hint to the meaning of the song, which, with its ever powerful riffs, encourages us to rid ourselves of anything we cling to that no longer brings us joy. Shedding the bad like a layer of rust.  Just before the two minute mark, the bridge once again puts the pure, refined expertise of these musicians in the spot light, cleverly keeping the momentum going with smouldering, mellow, slinky strings.

The track is a non-stop avalanche of energy and adrenaline to fuel the veins of any seasoned rock fan. With a vocal prowess to rival the greats, this is a track not to be ignored and could easily sit within a collection of songs from the likes of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin et al.

By: Kate Ford

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