Photo of man of football pitch for Denim in the Dugout by The Humdrum Express – Single Cover

Denim in the Dugout is the latest release from ever popular Worcestershire singer-songwriter and master of observational humour Ian Passey aka The Humdrum Express.  Ian will openly admit that he has struggled to find his creative mojo during this strange pandemic dominated time but thankfully he has managed to re-find it and deliver this cracking new song that transports you away from the woes of 2020 and focusses on the important things, the changing touchline fashions of football coaches & managers.  It is a welcome escape and a very amusing one too.

Influenced by the sight of Barnsley boss Gerhard Struber exuberantly celebrating on the final day of the Championship season with a joyful smile and stylish skinny jeaned attire the song is like veritable Top Trumps deck of football managers and their clobber.  From Dyche to Rodgers to Monk and Bielsa no one in safe from the Ian’s observations. 

But it’s not only lyrically witty its musically catchy too with all you would expect from a Humdrum song.  Acoustic guitar hooks a plenty, jolly keyboard sounds and a catchy rhythm.   It’s an indie pop sound that when paired with the humorous lyrics has gained The Humdrum Express quite a following over the years and gained numerous plays by Radio 6 Music DJs.

I don’t want to say too much more about the song as I think you need to go and listen along with a big smile on your face, enjoying every minute of the daft & witty journey.  It really is the perfect escapism from the strange times that we currently all find ourselves in

Denim in the Dugout is available now as a digital download from The Humdrum Express Bandcamp page ( and all good digital music stores.

BY: Jason K – Punk by Nature

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