Single cover for Disassociator by Lucky Number You

Released on 7th January, Disassociator is the debut single from Birmingham based trio Lucky Number You.

The band started out in 2020 as a studio project with one aim, to produce a full LP while being locked down in their home studios.

That debut LP, “Aftercare” will be released in Spring 2022, with Disassociator giving us a mere, tiny taste of what is to come.

The 4 minute track opens with soft indie vibes, a subtle guitar melody , teamed with synth sounding keys and a delicate beat, which runs for around 30 seconds before the track ramps up and eventually the vocals take the reigns. Vocals that hold a beautiful tone, one I’m hoping will be explored further on the forthcoming LP.

The catchy strum of guitar backs up a steady paced verse , and when the chorus kicks in, the influence of early work from The Cure can be heard, an impressive nod to a grand era of music. Lyrically the track tackles losing trust in those in power. As the science and facts prove to be a let down, there is a cry out to find someone to believe in. Whether the intention was for the track to be relevant to the current state of affairs is unknown, but I feel we can all find common ground with the message that rings out. 

Apart from the longer than average musical intro, this track doesn’t include an obvious bridge section, no new tempo or chord progression thrown in, but this isn’t a negative, far from it, as instead they choose to elongate the run up to the second round of the chorus which breaks up the pace without drastically taking it away from the underlying tune that settles nicely throughout. 

The focus can well and truly be put on a strong melody with a feeling of nostalgia, back to when music delivered what it set out to do without gimmick or shock factor, which is deliver a message to its listeners in an enjoyable way. This is a certified ear worm, a deceiving and clever piece of work that can throw you back in time , yet hold its own among the current alt/indie greats too. It has all the elements to become a classic in “any” time and the guys should be proud that their lockdown project produced something so charmingly addictive.

The live music industry has been the hardest hit throughout the last couple of years. However, if lockdowns can be thanked for getting bands like these to delve into their creative depths to produce quality music like this, then the future for the live scene is looking rather spectacular.

By: Kate Ford

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