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Drunk by Zen Kat
Release Date 4 August 2023

When Lee Richardson sent me a copy of his new single to sound out, I’d no idea what to expect but I’ve played it repeatedly, listened to nothing else in fact, not exaggerating to say I absolutely love this track!    

Back to basics, new line up and a whole new sound has been created by Malvern’s Zen Kat. With Dead Dads Club currently on a hiatus, Drunk quenches the Brit Pop summer thirst I’ve been craving.  The song’s lyrics speak the political soul of Paul Weller and Richardsons voice carries the melodies like a playful Ashcroft from the Verve.  The song is a well-crafted journey and like a good night out, it changes pace and speed, it pauses for some soaring harmonies, some breathy whispered repeats, then gets you dancing with a twang of country guitar.    

The indie labels are interested and with the single out on August 4th, I’m sure this is the summer banger for 2023, so lap it up and drink it in, catch them at Lakefest on Friday Night (11th August).   

Drunk by Zen Kat

 By: Juliet Mootz

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