SLAP Mag Editorial April 2020

Welcome to the all new Online SLAP Magazine…

Firstly, can we thank you for your ongoing support and helping us celebrate our 100th ‘printed’ issue in March. It’s something we’re very proud of, but we are fully aware we couldn’t have done it without your support. 

As we are all aware, we are facing unknown times. Being guided by current information regarding COVID-19, the decision has been taken to go with an online version of SLAP magazine, at least for the time being from April 2020. The idea being that we will update the site on a regular basis. But as always, we want to keep you involved if we can. Who know what innovative ways you’ll find to get your art and music out there…?

The website itself gets 2.8k readers with 7.5k unique page views per month, which doesn’t include pdf downloads. So we’re confident this will increase without a printed edition. Nobody knows how long this ‘lock down’ will last, or even what we will face in the future, particularly if it continues into or even beyond the Summer, but we are determined to keep our humble publication going.

Please keep following us and we’ll attempt to keep you informed, even if there are no events to attend. If you find yourself climbing the walls remember there is always therapy in Music and Art to help with isolation. Who knows, you may even find hidden talents.

To echo to thoughts of our Arts editor Kate – ‘Remember we are all affected by this in one way or another so let’s show how strong our community spirit by reaching out to others, ordering from our local suppliers, pulling together, checking on your neighbours and looking after those who need extra support.

Thanks again to our readers and we’ll hopefully see you at a venue, a festival or an exhibition sooner rather than later. In the meantime stay safe during this difficult time.


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