EP cover for Towers of Pain EP by Mark Leedham

Before we immerse ourselves in the enchanting realm of Mark Leedham’s instrumental Towers Of Plain EP. Let me tell you Mark Leedham is a ‘journeyman’, he’s been around, gaining a lot of experience and a reputation as a superb guitarist with his many collaborations. Based in Malvern, Mark is far from new to the local music having played guitar for Becky Hill, working with esteemed producer Gavin Monaghan. As a singer/songwriter he received acclaim for his solo EP, ‘Realisation’ before going on to be frontman, songwriter, and recording artist for the funk-based band project, Lost Himalayas.

Marks musical journey so far, draws inspiration from his own worldly adventures travelling over 20 countries and Towers of Plain was conceived amidst the tranquil beauty of Anafi, Greece. This backstory infuses each track on Towers of Plain with a palpable sense of optimism.

The Towers of Plain journey begins with “Towers,” a captivating opener designed to capture the hearts of its audience. Its simplicity is its strength, with a familiar chord progression providing the perfect backdrop for Leedham’s soulful solos. Radiating with joyous energy, “Towers” offers respite from the ordinary, inviting listeners to bask in its luminous escapism.

Towers of Plain by Mark Leedham

“Grace Over Fire” continues the journey with its tranquil melodies and subtle guitar effects, shifting effortlessly between moments of introspection and exuberance. “Fall” and “Lake” showcase Leedham’s soulful prowess. Each composition is a testament to his lifelong dedication to his craft, showcasing his evolving mastery of the electric guitar with such finesse. Enchanting musicianship, always mindful of the listener’s enjoyment and connection.

“Wonder” brings the journey to a triumphant close, leaving listeners with a lingering sense of euphoria. Towers of Plain is not just an EP, it’s a testament to the transformative power of music, offering a glimpse into the boundless creativity of an extraordinary musician.

Mark Leedham’s journey will continue…

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