Euan Blackman - Think about You Single

Single Review – Think about You by Euan Blackman

Here comes Euan Blackman… just 18, fresh faced and debuting with all the swank and swagger afforded by youth and, yes, defiantly confident enough to release his first single on Friday the 13th!

Luckily for us the track is a fine example of musicianship that will no doubt be filed under rock, as the single screws its intentions to the “sticking post” with a courageous determination. The track is intentionally reminiscent of Springsteen and Petty and powers along with the urgency and vigour of a teenage tearaway on the run from those pesky adults with their rules and boundaries.

Abiding by the rules of rock ‘n’ roll and thus proving his rock credentials, the guitar riffs chug along like an old friend after a few pints and the guitar solos soar like a house-measure of American Rye, underpinned by a percussive beat that keeps time and keeps you tapping along absentmindedly.  

Mindful and thoughtful is the only way to describe the lyrics, appreciating how lonely people can feel, especially when distanced from family and friends, although, as Presley himself once stated: “I could find myself in a room surrounded by everyone I know and still feel lonely.” Loneliness in all its forms is not a modern phenomenon. Master Blackman, now living and learning in Liverpool and clearly enjoying making music but living some distance from home in Warwickshire, one can’t but feel that our young songwriter is missing family and friends and is for the first time exploring feelings that he needs to articulate through his music. Resultantly, this young singer-songwriter has found a fresh voice and a confident direction and for the superstitious amongst us, touch wood, we will still be thinking about Euan Blackman for years to come!          

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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