Photo of the band Bare Jams

Bare Jams
The Marr’s Bar, Worcester – Sunday 14th April 2024
Doors 8:00pm
£14 in advance
Advance tickets available online

Bare Jams emerged in 2011 when schoolmates Ollie and Sam sought to redirect their adventurous spirit from festival fence-jumping to crafting original music. Beginning as an acoustic duo in Sam’s garden shed, later dubbed the Bare Jams cave, they were joined by D-Slice on bass, initiating the band’s transformation into a dynamic collective. By 2018, they solidified their current lineup, a six-member powerhouse seamlessly blending pop, soul, reggae, and rock into a distinct sound.

Photo of the band Bare Jams
Bare Jams photo by Paul Lippiatt @bristolpicture

Their extensive touring history includes headlining shows across Europe and supporting renowned acts like The Wailers and Katchafire, along with appearances at major festivals such as Glastonbury and Isle of Wight. Known for electrifying performances, Bare Jams draw crowds with their tight, exuberant sets, epitomizing festival fervour.

Their debut album ‘This ‘n’ That’ (2020) garnered critical acclaim, with the band now focusing on releasing a series of singles leading to a compilation-style album in late 2023, encapsulating their current journey. Continuously engaging both loyal and new fans, Bare Jams deliver spirited performances infused with a core moral message, aiming to inspire, inform, and entertain. They see their music as a healing force, particularly relevant in today’s world, where optimism and connection are paramount.

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