Photo of John Bramwell

West Malvern Social Club, Malvern, WR14 4AY
Saturday 28th October 2023 8:00PM

Since departing from the beloved, Mercury Prize-nominated Mancunian band, I Am Kloot, John Bramwell has embarked on an unending, rolling adventure. Accompanied by his faithful canine companion, Henry, he has traversed uncharted corners of the country in his trusty VW Campervan. Along this journey, captivated audiences have gathered in some of the UK’s most cherished grassroots music venues, enabling John to nurture his solo craft and creative musings at his own leisurely pace, all while remaining closely connected with his devoted fans.

John’s virtuosic songwriting and distinctive voice have not only filled the intimate basements and off-grid gatherings of the burgeoning acoustic underground scene but have also resonated in grand stadiums and prestigious halls, by special invitation of The Proclaimers.

In his 2023 performances, John will enchant audiences with tunes from his chart-topping debut on the Acoustic chart, “Leave Alone The Empty Spaces,” offering a glimpse into his eagerly anticipated second album, “The Light Fantastic.” In a special collaboration with cellist Harriet Bradshaw, he will breathe new life into I Am Kloot classics, showcasing his evolving artistic vision.

Mark your calendars for February 2024 when John’s sophomore album, “The Light Fantastic,” is set to illuminate the music world.

Advance tickets available online.

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