Poster for Gig Preview: Seprevation, Infested Angel, Mordhau

Sadistic Screams presents: Seprevation, Infested Angel, Mordhau

Paradiddles, Sidbury, Worcester July 8th 2023
£6 advance / £7.50 on the door

Formed in 2011, Seprevation, the formidable Death Thrash band hailing from Bristol, caused a significant commotion throughout their initial eight-year existence. Within this period, they unleashed two demos, three EPs, and the devastating album titled “Consumed.” These masters of savage, old-school Death Metal consistently delivered ferocious live performances, instilling fear and awe on stages across the country, sharing the spotlight with killer bands like Live Burial and Exhumed. Having disbanded in 2019, they emerged from the abyss and are launching a relentless assault that won’t cease until daybreak. Prepare for an onslaught of blood-soaked riffs as you headbang to the relentless mayhem these thrashing maniacs bring forth. If you crave unhinged sonic terror reminiscent of Possessed, Dark Angel, Sadus, and Morbid Angel, then mark your calendars for Paradiddles, the venue where the stage will be drenched in blood.

Listen to: Consumed by Seprevation

The West Midlands Death Metal bruisers of Infested Angel are finally returning to Worcester. Nearly a year after they last terrorised Paradiddles, these masters of bestial violence will be bringing their brutal Blackened Death Metal. Haunting melodies and thundering riffs come together to form some dark, Stygian Death Metal in the vein of Molested, Immolation, Incantation, and Morbid Angel, with hints of Dissection thrown in. Last August, they put on one Hell of a show and they are keen to drag you. Nottingham-based devotees of Death Mordhau, have terrorised Paradiddles before, supporting Cryptworm in October 2022. If you are unfamiliar, their sound hails to the legends of Swedish Death Metal, fusing elements of classic bands like Dismember, Entombed, and Carnage and adding a little twist of their own to create something sickening, savage, and spellbinding. If you want the HM-2 peddle cranked up to full and guitars that sound like rusty chainsaws, these high-energy demons will ensure you leave the night bloody, sore, and hungry for more.

Listen to: Submit to Death Infested Angel

Listen to: Immaculate Massacre Mordhau

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