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Anybody else feeling contemplative at this precise moment? Consequently, hearing Grey Town by singer-songwriter Joe Wheldon at this moment in time is quite the coup!

The sense of ennui, when reflecting on his Grey Town, is obvious and apparent. Soul searching his meandering way through his thoughts, Wheldon has certainly taken time to weigh-up his own sense of belonging. Wheldon is never shy of an autobiographical perspective in his work…

Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers proclaimed in an interview: “if his home town Blackwood was a museum it would be full of rubble and shit.” I guess most of us have an opinion on their home patch? Some leave and some stay…

Grey Town by Joe Wheldon

As we know in music the use of minor chords instils a mournful quality and the song explores this musical tradition. JW’s lugubrious vocals, at times simply spoken over the top – with words floating like oil on water – again add to the reflective nature of the song. The mood is sombre but far from dour and there is much to celebrate.

Again Wheldon celebrates the use of soundtrack and the sound of the “dawn chorus” and the timely use of subtle fireworks; reflecting the celebratory moments in our lives. And also reflecting the passing of time – albeit slowly. Furthermore, the strong use of colour and “pen sketches” in the lyrics adds layers to the imagery in this our Grey Town

Is there a bench near to where you grew up, where you would sit occasionally and watch the world go by? The next time you drive past or take time to sit there, think about this lyric: “I don’t know where I am going but I sure know where I’ve been.” Now, tell me Joe Wheldon hasn’t taken the time to sit on this metaphoric bench and employed the time to think and reflect on what went before.

 Grey Town is available everywhere 19/06/23

By: Swilgate Scuttler

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