Joe Wheldon

Joe Wheldon playing guitar at a gig

Joe Wheldon – Live Review

Joe Wheldon live at The Fox and Hounds, Bredon – 18th July 2020 There was something quintessentially English about this open-air gig, I couldn’t quite put my finger on, in this rural part of Worcestershire, at The Fox and Hounds, […]

Joe Wheldon - Live Stream

Joe Wheldon’s – Life Stream – live from his kitchen #4

Joe Wheldon live stream gig review Two sobering asides have coloured my perspective of late. Driving over the Northway bridges and discovering no cars on the motorway at peak times was symbolic. Additionally, turning over the page on our calendar […]

The Good The Bad, The Insane - Joe Wheldo

The Good, The Bad, The Insane – Joe Wheldon

Single Review Joe Wheldon’s, second single is rather impressively three combined opportunities to present his song writing maturity, to aurally experiment and a chance to proudly cement his new electric sound. For the wise in the music business, “difficult second […]