Poster for SKANKt live at The Marr’s Bar, Worcester

The Marr’s Bar, Worcester
Friday 24th November
£8 in advance, £10 on the door

In 1999, SKANKt first emerged onto the music scene, initially supporting renowned bands like the Selector, King Prawn, and Bad Manners. Their early journey saw them gradually transitioning from these support roles to claiming the spotlight with headline shows, solidifying their presence in the dynamic UK ska/punk landscape of the noughties. During this period, they became fixtures at some of the UK’s premier festivals, a time when such events were relatively scarce compared to the bustling calendar of today.

Following a phase where they performed under the moniker Waiting for Kate after relocating to Bristol, a significant evolution occurred in 2020. This pivotal moment saw the band undergo a transformation, expanding to a seven-piece outfit by introducing a new bassist and two additional horn players. Embracing their roots and original identity, they reverted to their initial band name, SKANKt, signifying a new chapter in their musical journey.

The current iteration of SKANKt embodies a fusion of post-ska rock music, a genre that beckons exploration. Their musical essence intertwines with themes of raw energy and incisive social commentary, shaping a sonic landscape that resonates deeply with discerning listeners. Their repertoire of songs not only ignites the senses but also serves as a catalyst for thoughtful reflection, earning them the reputation as purveyors of music that engages and stimulates the intellect.

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