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The Leylines
The Marr’s Bar, Worcester – Saturday 2nd March

West Country of the UK, The Leylines are a musical ensemble characterized by their genre-defying fusion of violin and guitar-driven melodies, spanning from folk and indie to energetic festival rock.

Established in 2013 by a collective of musicians blending their diverse musical backgrounds, The Leylines cultivate a sound that defies easy categorization—part folk, part punk, yet entirely pulsating with infectious energy. Their distinctive musical style, coupled with lyrics touching on social commentary, tales of life on the road, and camaraderie among friends, has propelled them into the core of the UK’s vibrant live music scene and cemented their status as beloved fixtures of the festival circuit.

The lineup comprises Steve Mitchell on vocals and rhythm guitar, Hannah McLeod on violin, piano, and backing vocals, Dan Thompson on lead guitar and backing vocals, Sean Booth on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Dave Burbidge on drums.

The Leylines – Control

Their debut album, “Along The Old Straight Track,” released in June 2016, showcases their dynamic sound. Produced by Sean Lakeman, recorded at The Metway Studios in Brighton, and mixed by Al Scott, the album evokes comparisons to renowned acts like The Levellers, Mad Dog Mcrea, and Ferocious Dog, while distinctly carrying The Leylines’ unique imprint.

Following the album’s release, The Leylines embarked on extensive national tours and graced the stages of renowned festivals, including Glastonbury Festival 2017, where they delivered six memorable performances in as many days. Their appearances at events like Beautiful Days, Goldcoast Oceanfest, Something To Smile About Festival, The Godney Gathering, and Big Feastival further solidified their reputation as a must-see live act.

In March 2019, The Leylines unveiled their second studio album, “Recover Reveal.” Crafted over nearly three years, the album is the product of meticulous refinement, with many tracks tested and refined through live performances across the UK. “Recover Reveal” encapsulates heartfelt performances imbued with sincerity and delivered with unwavering passion, underscoring The Leylines’ evolution as artists committed to their craft.

For more information and tickets visit The Marrs Bar website.

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