Photo of Granny's Attic band in concert

Granny’s Attic – Kitchen Garden Cafe, King’s Heath – 1st June 2022

I always enjoy the ‘eight-or-so years ago on this day’ feed that pops up on my media so a delight to be recently reminded of a pleasant June evening in 2010, and a WMF warm-up event at Drummonds/Swan2Nicks featuring a prodigious 13-year-old squeezebox player (yes I know…) and his dad in the front bar of the Duck gobsmacking the audience with his skills!

Now we’re in a new town with new venues to check out so we popped along to the Kitchen Garden Cafe in King’s Heath (part of the Hare & Hounds venue) to check out Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne together with Lewis Wood on fiddle (yes I know…) and George Sansome on guitar – yes we’re talking the incredible folksome talent of Granny’s Attic – named after their nan’s stall at their local Worcester fete…

The trio have had a whirlwind journey over the last few years, are established fixtures on the UK folk club and festival scene, have appeared at the Royal Albert Hall courtesy of BBC Radio 2 Folk and are patrons of Bromyard Folk Festival at an unimaginably young age! 

They’re also touring the country promoting their new album ‘The Brickfields’ and this was a truly heartwarming stop-off at a charming (and convenient) venue with an understated and intimate folk-club feel. Granny’s Attic are essentially a band who play their uplifting music in the traditional English folk style and there’s plenty of banter and running gags in between the well-thought out and carefully-crafted takes and originals.

Surprisingly the album’s title isn’t about the area around Astwood Road/Blackpole but a 1783 folk dance unearthed from the Vaughan-Williams archives – again a nod to the thought that this still-burgeoning trio have an awesome future ahead – and irrespective of your own music of preference, they’re truly a breath of fresh air! (More at


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