Single cover for Leave it all behind by Dead Dads Club

In Leave it all Behind, Dead Dads Club take the attitude and chant of the Manchester Factory Record Scene and add their unique twist of Worcestershire sauce. It’s playful, punchy, yet loaded with cultural observations of politics and pressures. 

Dead Dads Club have created a single you could swear you’ve heard before, its locked in the vaults of familiarity yet draws you in with a new message, the chorus slips into the harmonies of a sea shanty while the guitar grounds you into a festival bounce. I can imagine this playing across fields at Glastonbury and equally belting out on the radio, can’t wait to catch this live!

Dead Dads Club will be playing Appfest, Tewkesbury in July and the mainstage at Lakefest this August.

by Juliet Mootz

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