photo of the band Prem-Seva performing in Malvern

Prem-Seva, West Malvern Social Club, Saturday 11th March 2023

Prem-Seva, a much need warmth!

Like a festival summer, sent to melt the West Malvern snow, Prem-Seva brought a trance to take you to sunnier places with their gig at The West Malvern Social Club.

For an earthy greenfield vibe, you really can’t do better than catch Prem Seva. The atmosphere was chilled and relaxed, and the Club provides an intimate space for a modest crowd. The venue is friendly, well run and the drinks are reasonable; dancers were close due to the band’s popularity and friends slipped into the beats, as we forgot the slush and cold of the world beyond the door.

Local musicians, who played to a wider than local crowd of fans, Prem-Seva have a loyal following, keen to share their music and the atmosphere they create.  Describing their own sound as ‘Mantra-infused, harmonium-driven fierce loving energy and heart raising songs’ the Band is led by Madhava on vocals and harmonium, competently supported by Liz Pearman on vocals and percussion, Jack Carver, lead guitar, George Moorey acoustic, drummer Sam Fryer and Dan Watson on bass.   Together they work to creatively weave generous sounds; true to their name, where Prem means higher love and Seva, in service.

Madhava’s voice makes you acutely aware of the instrumental potential of vocals, he stretches its potential with an ease, in songs like Free my Mind you journey through soft melodies to folk like chants, where the audience bounced as well as any Glastonbury Green Field.  Yes, there are crowd pleasers, but I sense they are primarily born of the sheer joy of musicians sharing creative moments, rather than any deliberate commercial conception.

The stage was flooded with pink light and Liz Pearman swayed and moved like willow, ethereally, bringing an earthly root to the harmonies alongside the deep bass provided by Dan Watson.   There was a glow of sound, a swaying audience and a general sense of optimism within the room.

Finishing with the classic One Love, I imagined seeing them playing on a larger stage, to see how more space would give them room to move and a greater opportunity to witness the connections between the band members.
Apologies to the support act ‘Up the Bug’, I’m gutted I missed you, I arrived to a hype of enthusiasm and a gushing of high praise, the brilliant word was used frequently, so sounds like Prem Seva, they are also an act to seek out and follow!

By: Julliet Mootz

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