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The Leon Daye Band /Redskies/ Lennox and The Flawed
Friday 26th January at The Marrs Bar

There’s something quite exciting about going to a gig where all three bands are new to you. You may have heard bits online, quite liked a few of the songs, you may even a fan of what you’ve heard. This still doesn’t prepare you for how they translate live. The unknown is thrilling, and of course its a risk. You’ve spent your well earned money on tickets and you may not even enjoy the evening. Supporting local live music and venues is worth the risk though, right? Despite only having heard one of the three bands before, it was definitely a risk worth taking.

Photo of band Lennox and The Flawed
Lennox and The Flawed

First up was Lennox and The Flawed. Paul Lennox is a Welsh singer/ songwriter who is based in Pershore and roared onto the stage with his band. Opening track “Alibi” kicked the set off with drum crashing energy and meandering little riffs that got you tapping along. Performing songs from his 2 albums, the tempo continued. Songs such as Crazy and Revolving gave punky pop vibes, and watching the band it’s clear to see they all enjoy performing the tracks, drummer keeping time with his shoulders bouncing to the beat. Single and album title track “Save The Day” featured an impressive twangy guitar intro and an ongoing infectious beat, while “Don’t Let It Go” allowed for a bit of audience interaction as we sang back the title, getting braver and braver each time! Final song “Tonight” ramped up the opening set even more, feel good music with clever little arrangements that induce the happy feelings, exactly what to need to start an evening of live music.

Photo of band Redskies

Next up were a quartet of teenagers who hit the stage with attitude as Redskies. For such a young band, only aged between 16-18, they owed the stage with confidence, singer Taylor giving off the effortless air of someone who knows what the band can deliver. Opening track “Broken Crown” set the stage with grungey riffs and a head nodding beat. Throughout the set, each member was introduced and had their chance to shine. “New Blood” whirred into existence with dirty guitar and bass, and a catchy lyrical prose, while the cover of “Cocoon” by Catfish and The Bottlemen showcased the talent of the young band, who only formed in March 2023. Seriously skilled playing on show as all 4 musicians seemed to gain presence as the set went on. “Behold Me” showed the lads could slow the tempo down without losing any of the grit of their music. Final track “Your Perfume” was a finale worthy track, essences of indie and soft rock oozing off the stage and into us, the listeners. Watch this space on these youngsters, with their talent and attitude, they deserve to be seen and heard.

Headline act “The Leon Daye Band” had caught our attention before the gig, and from listening to the music they have available to stream on Spotify, I was hoping for an epic live performance. Opening track “Beneath The Fold” went straight into a toe tapping rhythm that instantly made you sit up and listen. Powerful vocals from the true gent that is Leon, addictive best offered up from Hannah on drums and the underlying musical story being held up by bassist Ian.

Next up, title track of the album, “Crash Land” gave us a heavier offering , an anthem worthy track indeed. “Blood For Gold” was followed by “The Gift”, an upbeat strum-along about the environment. “Moneytree” had me thinking of “Hush” by Deep Purple if it was given a bluesy makeover, the patter of the lyrics and the underlying beat. “Faith” was a track added into the set as a request and was delivered with expertise, and new track “The Edge” was yet another power vocal performance.

After a round of thanks for the local support, “The One” and “Game of Fools” kept us entertained with more compelling vocals and beats. Tenth on the set list was a song called “Breathe” which was escorted in on a delicate drum beat, before heading into what is easily the most radio play worthy track amongst all the belters we’d already heard. The lyrics are poignant and memorable , and the tune is infectious, definitely the one you’ll walk away still humming. “Darkside” hit more grunge notes and “I Need Your Love” have a rockier ACDC sound, showing the complexity and variety this high-energy band serve up.

The last three tracks gave gravelly vocals with “Drown” and upbeat dancability with “Stone Cold Mama”. Caught off guard with the chant for one more song, we then got treated to the bands only cover of the night, “Australia” by Manic Street Preachers, which suited Leons voice to a tee.

Did everyone walk away from this gig with a huge smile on their faces Yes! Can The Leon Daye Band be parked into one genre? No! Feel good music is hard to find, squeezing so many hard hitting topics into thoroughly enjoyable music is no mean feat yet this trio does just that. Go buy a big ticket, take that risk. Surprise yourself.

By: Kate Fitzer

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