Artwork for Goodbye Cassini – Lightning Strikes single

Friday 11th September sees the release of the next single from Goodbye Cassini, an alt-rock band from Worcestershire which came together during lockdown and has continued to grow their musical offerings.

“Lightning Strikes” is a song that was first developed 15 years ago, and has been quietly waiting for an opportunity to come screaming into existence, and that opportunity arose when Goodbye Cassini was born.

The pent up energy of this long forgotten track is released as soon as the track gets going, bursting with promise, with a sparky guitar intro, before the galloping vocals join the party.

Lyrically the song has many messages, but is based around our anxieties and stresses, and how things rarely work out how you think they will. With recent events, we can probably all relate to an idea of over thinking a situation to a point where it’s out of control, and also often look back at past events and fear them repeating themselves. Reality is often much kinder, as lightning never strikes twice.

The mid section of the song turns a deeper musical corner, again with impressive twiddling and screeches of the guitar, and a slower vocal section to declare all becomes clear before getting back to the immersive playful melody we’ve become familiar with at the beginning of the song. An elongated end note brings this motivating number to an end, letting the aforementioned energy dramatically burn out in glory.

An accompanying video is set for release at 6pm on 11th September, to mark what would’ve been the start of this year’s Worcester Music Festival, which has unfortunately but understandably fallen victim to the global pandemic. Filmed during the peak of lockdown, the guys took full advantage of the government’s exercise rulings to get the outdoor video completed.

Songs written, and videos filmed in 2020 will forever hold a piece of history, and for any band continuing to produce quality, uplifting music like this, I thank you. Goodbye Cassini surely deserve a spot on a Worcester Music Festival stage when our beloved local event makes a return. “Lightning Strikes” is begging to be played live to a real audience. Until then, it can be found on all major streaming platforms.

By: Kate Ford

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