Artwork for Zilch - ‘Cigars and Diazepam EP

Worcester Based grunge/alt rock trio Zilch release their long-awaited first EP ‘Cigars and Diazepam’

Having played shows across the midlands and have released several singles along the way as they solidified their place as one of Worcester’s most promising live acts.

The 5 track EP kicks off with an almighty bang with Drought’, a song which the band had written within the first few weeks of forming. Reminiscent of late 90’s early noughties grunge anthems from the likes of Foo Fighters and Mudhoney, Zilch manage to pay homage to the bands which inspire them while incorporating their own twist on a beloved genre throughout the EP.

Stand out tracks such as ‘Burn’ and ‘Strangers’ prove how diverse the band can be, going from high-energy, hard-hitting guitar and drums to a somber, slower tempo, giving the band a chance to show off both their musical ability and their lyrical prowess, exploring a number of topics across each track which makes it even more enjoyable to listen to, with the band admitting that ‘Burn’ is one of their favorite songs from the release

Vocalist and guitarist Thom Dewhurst said that writing the EP was a natural progression for the band, and had always been on the forefront of the band’s mind. Having written songs like Drought and Peachy within the first few weeks of forming, recording an EP was the obvious next step after their previously released singles and live shows had been so well received. When the chance to work with Dave Draper arose, they knew this was the perfect opportunity to head into the studio.

The band are excited and hopeful at the idea of getting back to playing live shows towards the end of 2020, giving them the chance to show off the hard work that has gone into writing such a mammoth first EP, but until you get the chance to catch Zilch tearing up the stage, you can stream ‘Cigars and Diazepam’ on Spotify, or purchase it straight from the bands Bandcamp for £4!

By: Lottie Burgess

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