Goodbye Cassini - So Good - Single Review

Say Hello to Goodbye Cassini, a brand new alt-rock band from Worcestershire, formed just this year amidst the Covid 19 lockdown. Taking the opportunity during this down time in the music industry, this 3 piece band thought it was the perfect chance to demonstrate that music and creativity don’t need to stop, despite the doors of venues remaining closed, and no matter what the world throws at us. Their hope is that when the bars and clubs are able to throw open their doors and welcome us back, they will be ready and waiting with a catalogue of tunes and be an integral part of the resurgence of live music.

Who doesn’t love a new band with new music? “So Good”, which is out now, opens with raucous guitars packing an impressive punch, before a softer, almost rhythmically spoken, quite possibly an endearingly Scottish vocal, picks up to dictate a song written about the struggles people face in their personal relationships. When the chorus kicks in, the pace ramps up and becomes the heart and soul of the track. With an undulating beat that to me symbolises the ups and downs, the push and pull, the circles we spin ourselves in and the situations we wind up dealing with due to making the wrong decisions. A past paced instrumental section shows a band not afraid to push boundaries wide open, as the incongruous sounds blasted our way, work perfectly in achieving the alternative groove they are channelling, and not forgoing the rock element also on display. These guys have a raw and free sound, with drums that hit the mark, guitars that riff with ceaseless energy, and vocals and lyrics that complete the package. The variety of skills they offer up could be down to the mixed musical backgrounds of the guys, which heavily featured rock and metal, but also contemporary acoustic, classical and marching band too. Varied elements that will certainly help them on their way for carving a successful gigging following.

By: Kate Ford

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