Worcester based singer/songwriter Sean Jeffery is an established musician on the local music scene, and has continued to perform under “new normal” circumstances, with almost daily live streams on a number of platforms. On top of that, he’s been working on the release of his upcoming EP, set for release later this year.

Gravitational Wave, released on 26th March, is the lead single. It seemed an obvious choice, as it became popular for the online gig audiences. Of the track, Sean says  ā€œIā€™m a bit of a science geek, so the song first came into being when I heard on the news about the first direct observation of gravitational waves in 2015.ā€

From there, the lyrics took a more accessible journey into everyday reflections on relationships, while retaining the notion of travelling back in time to win over the subject of the track on the crest of the very first gravitational wave. The song was  given a chance to develop further as it, and other tracks, were test-driven during the lockdown live streams.

The track opens with a light shuffling beat and a prominent twang of a guitar riff, before the vocals kick in with Sean’s distinctive lyrics that cleverly take on a universe and space theme that deceptively tell an intriguing love story. After the first verse and chorus, there is a moment where you feel the track is finishing, but in fact it’s just warming up, and more levels are mixed in to add more musical texture.

The song is delightfully upbeat, a fitting declaration that embraces the joy that the singer would feel if the object of their affection changed their mind and decided to give things a go. A joyful journey back in time would be taken, to this feel good soundtrack. During the chorus and second verse, a female voice takes on an ethereal backing vocal, courtesy of former Hitchhiker band mate Anna Mason, who also provides guest guitar. It’s a track that drifts through the air with ease, it’s upbeat yet gentle, with no harsh unexpected twists or turns. It lifts your spirits and steers you away from the black hole.

Recorded and mixed in Sean’s home studio, Gravitational Wave has all the qualities needed for a heart-warming tune. Lyrically, Sean’s songwriting skills shine, and I truly believe this is where he stands out, and is the element that makes him a distinguished artist.  With a lyric video on its way, and eye catching artwork created by A Level Fine Art student Megan, Sean’s daughter, this is a great introduction to the collection of tracks set to appear on the EP. Track available on Spotify and all major streaming platforms from 26th.

By: Kate Ford

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