Single cover for HIGHHIGHHIGH by Euan Blackman

Due for released 8th October, “HIGHHIGHHIGH” is the third single from 20 year old Euan Blackmans forthcoming debut EP, “Grateful For The Moments Spent Alone”. 

Self produced over lockdown, it was the first track written for the EP, and it sets the precedence for anything that followed. The initial melody came to him one morning, way over a year ago, and was the basis for what has developed into a fluffy ear worm for us all to enjoy, the epitome of bedroom pop.
Opening with a folky guitar, that begins to twang joyfully atop a jolly beat, before the lyrics start, and they seemingly relate to feeling alone and low, perhaps due to lockdown.

Clever observational lyrics such as “just like my phone, I’m living on 1%” drives to the listener towards thinking the song writer has been unmotivated, finding life hard. Referring to getting high in order to forget , the chorus leads into whimsical notes that scatter throughout the song to add a delicious texture to the already agreeable guitar and vocals.

It’s a song that encourages you to escape from city life, run alongside the river to clear your head. It’s a soundtrack to keep you company when missing someone, when you’re walking through the woods on a crisp Autumn day and you need warmth in the form of wholesome feel good notes. Lyrically it shares an insight into the mind of the songwriter, and the track is said to be his own favourite to have written and produced. I always think you can feel enjoyment in the finished product, and yet again it’s true in this case.

Although a gentle track, the pace is fast enough to amble along to, with lyrics open to interpretation. Missing someone as separated through lockdown, or a relationship ending, either way, the comforting melody insists everything will be ok, as eventually “the wheels will find the line”

The accompanying video also welcomes us into Euans life, with a collection of video clips presumably of things he’s seen himself, and snippets of himself, a visual collection of memories worth looking back on when you’re feeling low.
It’s a song that oozes with optimistic promise that you can get through and past the darker times, as long as you take time to get away from it all once in a while. Musically , it floats along without a care, a leaf on a stream that refuses to get blocked on its way, but one that twists and turns to make the most of its journey.

The compelling lyrics feel like an invite into a day in the life of Euan, and musically it’s a soul warning cup of coffee. Mixed and mastered by Charlie Braddick, “HIGHHIGHHIGH” is a sublime harmonious soundtrack to a snapshot of a moment in life. Supported by several BBC Introducing shows and featured on 100s of independent Spotify playlists, this young musician is already getting noticed.

By: Kate Ford

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