Single cover for Hyde Project The Greatest Show

Hyde Project are an alt-rock three piece hailing from Birmingham, with roots originating in Worcester and Redditch.

Released on 17th June, The Greatest Show is a unique take on rock as a genre, with an ironic sting in its tail.

The title automatically makes me think of a certain popular musical film with a similar name , and the opening tempo and beat certainly leads itself to a musical theatre setting. It’s a grand entrance welcoming us to witness the greatest act this country has ever seen, which I interpret to be figures in power leading us on a merry dance. A dig if ever I heard one, of the seemingly rhetorical  “show” our government dealt us while dealing with Covid 19 , the mention of clapping hands out on the street reinforcing my interpretation.

Vocals scatter at a marching pace atop of a pattering beat and a 4 note chime, before little melodic notes lead us into a euphoric chorus. Verses and choruses are short and snappy, the whole track coming in at under 3 minutes long, but the message is packed into it exquisitely,  as the monologue freely runs along at a quick pace. A short guitar breakdown leads us into a another version of the chorus , with a final shout out and an abrupt finish.

I had to listen to this track several times, and each time I heard different things in the melody and workings of the music . There is no one, stand out moment where one element takes the spotlight over any others, instead, they all mould together in unison, to create an uplifting cheer, a wake up call to make us sit up and listen. The melody is catchy, and the mix of gritty guitar and more delicate synth lines, makes this a front runner for anyone wanting to put together a motivational playlist . The quieter pauses between each section builds anticipation, keeps us waiting. It’s a live show finale song for sure, I can imagine arms raised in the air and lyrics being shouted out from the crowd.

Think Chainsmokers and The 1975 and you’ll be on a similar track, Hyde Project bring alt-rock to a wider audience with this track.

A short track with a lot of bite, you’d better listen to believe.

By: Kate Ford

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