Single cover for Set it Off by Finding Bella

Finding Bella are a proud guitar band from the West Midlands – that insist on the indie title. Just when you think guitar bands have had their day, along comes a no-nonsense driven group of troubadours.

Any intro that begins with controlled feedback is welcomed by moi – oh, the sense of anticipation. The inference being live this track is a “banger” in the parlance of Lammo. Cigarettes and Alcohol anyone? The production of Set it Off is so very 90s, obviously in a good way. For many a brilliant period for indie bands! I spent good money on those 99p singles, in HMV, every Monday morning during this period.

The guitars of White and Black combine to produce a colourful, driving chug of electric fuzz. The drummer, Woodward, lets you know that the rhythm is lost without his timing and hand-co-ordination. Ben White’s nero and blanc keys add waves of je nais se quois. Thus, when Hadfield’s “bass kicks in, you can taste the drop.” Indeed.

Indeed, the vocals of Oliver White deserve a special mention as the delivery is tempered with passion, energy and a sense of conviction that is not misjudged. Reminiscent of the 60ft Dolls front man: Richard Parfitt. Bella.

Live this track must be what this single is all about. You know, when the music touches you and you are carried away: in a grubby club, in a 5,000 seat venue in front of an imposing stack, in a muddy field under the influence of music’s allure or at home with headphones plugged in for comfortable distraction.

Finding Bella have not been distracted by the foibles and baubles of current music tastes. Yes, they are looking back to the 90s, not only for inspiration but also to help make sense of the now. Liam Gallagher and his driven guitar anthems didn’t sell out Knebworth, twice, by mistake you know?

By: Ciao, the Scuttler

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Set it off is released by Finding Bella on the 1st of July – on all major platforms – and to help capture the moment they are playing the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham on the 9th July 2022.

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