Album cover for Hypercolour Youth by Maxwell Avenue

Pop/Punk band Maxwell Avenue from Birmingham released their album “Hypercolour Youth” on Friday 20th June.

The opening track “The Ballad of Valentin” starts with a gentle lullaby but soon picks up into an addictive , jolly chanting march of a track which relentlessly keeps the tempo throughout. A brilliant opener for this 11 track album, and indeed perfect single release choice.

Title track “Hypercolour Youth” shows more of the punk side of this exciting band, with edgier and darker lyrics, yet the infectious upbeat nature is not lost. “Chelsea Chelsea” has Green Day /Blink 182 feels, with a groove that travels through the track, one which declares they can’t and won’t live without the subject of the track. A soaring  anthemic track that stands out for me.

Acoustic track “Vindicated” sees the album take a slower breath, and we hear lovely harmonising on top of a gentle melody, another dedication to Chelsea is turned into a musical tribute. “Everything To Me” starts off with a voiceover intro, but leads into another belter, sing-along-able with gripping hooks splattered throughout.

 “Don’t Die Diana” strums  playfully along, and showcases another side of the vocal range of singer Ben. A great rock intro brings “Teardrops” to life, a heartfelt track that digs through genres to offer up a track that could sit within several. For me, this deserves air play as I can see its appeal to lovers of various types of music.  Poetic lyrics that make a track so hauntingly relatable.

Trilling guitars and crashing beat make “Run,Run Rosetta” feel like a good old fashioned Rock and Roll track, with a twist, while “Silence” steps off the dance floor to offer us another power ballad. Gradually building, this tracks sends out the perfect end of the night vibes. “Vindicated” is back with a full backing which just adds meat to the bones of the previously offered acoustic version. Back to Valentin to end the album, as the full on punk/grunge “My Bloody Valentin” has over a minute of seriously mind blowing instrumental before the lyrics kick in. Ear crashing notes are hit as a lyrical picture is painted, and halfway through, another story telling instrumental changes the tempo. A playful melody floats behind Valentins tale . This track especially, although the whole album can comfortably confirm, that this a group of SERIOUSLY talented musicians. Each track uses and incorporates each of the band members, creating a palette of melodic colours to build these professional sounding tracks. The album holds enough light and shade to make it listenable again and again, discovering new riffs and melodies, that are etched into the songs, with each listen. I hadn’t heard of these guys before. They are definitely on my playlist now.

By: Kate Ford

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