Single cover for In the Bleak Midwinter by The Samples

It is fitting the intro and outro to The Samples charitable single “In the Bleak Midwinter”, a Punk reworking of a traditional Christmas carol, is a melancholic signature performed by The Hucknall & Linby Mining Community Brass Band

Coal Mining was decimated in our country in the 80s, especially in Nottinghamshire and many of the mining communities are still to recover. The truth of how the Tories orchestrated the dispute – as miners fought to keep their jobs – is only now coming to the surface in the public domain. The continuing Tory impact on our society today is the impetus for this angry retaliation by The Samples

The community spirited Punk rockers from Worcester are donating money from the sale of their anti-Christmas single to the Worcester foodbank and local homeless support charities. Dave Evans, Pascal Smith and new drummer Jake Powell have clearly got the “big calls” right, with withering malcontent, in this, the winter of discontent.

The brass-neck of the band to corrupt a traditional song such as Bleak Midwinter shows the punk spirit is alive.The staccato drums, the rumbling bass and electric guitar eschew the hymn sheet and the band scribble their signature all over this most traditional of carols. The corrupted lyrics have added impact with the inclusion of casual observations on “food banks all around” and being “homeless on the streets” in this, the Bleak Midwinter of 2022.

So, come all ye faithless Grinches… Why not forgo just one pint and enjoy a metaphoric gallon of local Punk history. Or if you are a private school look at your charity status and think about what you can afford? Or maybe look at your Non-Dom tax status, see what you have left over and help others in need?

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

PS A gentle reminder if you do donate you can’t claim the money back on expenses, as Harriet has tried this already.

The band are trying to raise a few £ for their local food bank and homeless support groups so please do buy (CD or individual tracks)… also available to buy as a digital download from all the usual places as well as available to stream

Catch The Samples supporting Spear of Destiny at their upcoming Worcester Marrs Bar gig on Sunday 11th December. Tickets available online.

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