Single cover for Iron Deficiency by Y!KES

Released at the end of last month, Iron Deficiency is the latest release from 4 piece Midlands based band Y!KES.

A few whining notes and a pause before a deep guitar riff kicks the track off over a grunge beat that oozes cool , before the vocals kick in to narrate what seems to be the literal affects anaemia and resulting dizzy spells and blackouts.

Produced by Jim Pinder, the band say they feel the song and accompanying video has the potential to be a timeless classic.

The mellow yet gritty melody makes this track seep into your brain, layering up on early 90s sounding rock for the addictive chorus.  With the three and a half minute track steering towards new wave rock, with a little bit of the punk edge we love from Y!KES, the video verges on New Romantic with singer Oli donning a daper white jacket, and the rest of the band in tailored jackets with oversized collars. The video shows that this band knows how to not take themselves seriously, but when it comes to the music, every single note hits the way it should.

Gravelly vocals growl throughout the track, occasionally showing off impressive growls that feed off the screeching guitars and mold together to make this a formidable offering towards becoming that timeless classic the guys were hoping for.

The effortlessly cool riff that runs throughout the track makes it an undeniable ear worm, or rather an ear rattlesnake as its impossible to ignore. At a slower pace than other tracks I’ve listened to, the intensity of the arrangement means that it definitely doesn’t lack anything, the gutural groove keeps the adrenaline pumping as their music always does.

Edgy, exciting rock at its very best. Having only formed in 2019, it’s still very early days for this team of electrifying musicians, yet the quality of material they are putting out is ground-breaking and polished to shiny rock perfection. With a hometown gig at the Sunflower Lounge this month, this track is sure to be one of many that will get the moshers moshing, it’s what Y!KES do best.

By: Kate Ford

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