Single cover for Iron Deficiency by Y!KES

Iron Deficiency by Y!KES – Single Review

Released at the end of last month, Iron Deficiency is the latest release from 4 piece Midlands based band Y!KES. A few whining notes and a pause before a deep guitar riff kicks the track off over a grunge beat […]

Single cover for General Practice by Y!KES

General Practice by Y!KES – Single Review

When I hear Y!KES have new music out, I expect loud and punchy, fast paced Punk/Rock energy. New release “General Practice” doesn’t lack in energy but it does deliver it in a different way to previous releases. And the result […]

Single cover of Jukebox Martyr by Y!kes

Jukebox Martyr by Y!kes – Single Review

If you’re finding yourself feeling deflated, and craving a much needed injection of energy, turn up the volume on Jukebox Martyr. This is the third single of the year from Midlands based alt rock, anti-pop powerhouse, Y!kes, and was released […]

Single Cover for Y!KES Long Gone Silver

Long Gone Silver by Y!KES – Single Review

Y!KES, anti-pop quartet based in Birmingham, releases, Long Gone Silver, an insane and scorching new single. Through its snarling vocals, untamed drums and armed guitar riffs, Long Gone Silver is a racket of a rock banger spewing angst and frustration […]


Y!KES – Repeat the Objective

Birmingham based Y!KES are the alternative rock quartet that everybody needs in their life. Returning with their latest release, a music video for single ‘Repeat the Objective’ taken off their recently released EP ‘Everything Pointless is Correct (EP!C)’, the outfit […]