Single cover of Jukebox Martyr by Y!kes

If you’re finding yourself feeling deflated, and craving a much needed injection of energy, turn up the volume on Jukebox Martyr. This is the third single of the year from Midlands based alt rock, anti-pop powerhouse, Y!kes, and was released 7th May.

The opening riff of the track, which comes in just shy of 4 minutes, burst into action with the force of opening a  shaken can of energy drink, with the hard and heavy drumbeat keeping the supercharged tempo riding along.

The smooth vocals hit, oozing with a 90s grunge flavour, before we are taken into a ridiculously catchy chorus, where the energy heightens and surges with relentless reverberating guitar work.

The song only takes the tiniest breather during the bridge section, a palate-cleanser to interrupt the splintering pace, where the vocalist declares “I don’t wanna be broken, maybe I’m better off dead” over whining musical elements that stream together effortlessly from one pace to another, a slower refrain of the chorus builds and builds before literally crashing out with the same voltage the track powered up with. Shredded and ripped , this tune is littered with seriously impressive musical elements, solid vocals, and strong lyrics.

Of the track, vocalist Oli Long said that it’s “horrifyingly catchy hooks deliver a crunching blow to your pineal gland. Raw, vicious but slick energised Rock”.

The hooks are scattered throughout, swirling into you ears and attaching themselves into your head. To accompany the welcome assault on your eardrums, the band have released a colourful and high impact video, directed by film maker Zak Taylor. A visual story to guide you through the song, and bring it buzzing to life even more.

The track is an audio explosion, high quality and professional, offering sounds and lyrics that scroll throughout with gritty robustness. A stage and a mosh pit would breath yet another element of life into this already forceful track. Epic, pure and simple

By: Kate Ford

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