Yew Trees Artist Studios, Bevere
Photo of Richard Nicholls
Photographer Richard Nicholls

To say it has been a strange time to start a new venture is an understatement but that is what three local artists did in August last year. Mixed media artist Susan Birth, artist and photographer Richard Nicholls and abstract painter Dan Holden joined together to set up Yew Trees Artist Studios at Bevere Gallery in the north of Worcester.

Photo of Susan Birth
Mixed media artist Susan Birth

Despite lockdowns and uncertainty, all three have retained great optimism for the future. Working in their studios in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside is a joy each day. They display their diverse art works in a small gallery beside their studios and have plans for the future to utilize the outdoor space for events and workshops.

The open airy spaces make it ideal for a visit to see artists in their working environment. Although the creation of art can be a solitary affair, these artists have a passion for sharing their work. Kim Taylor, owner of Bevere Gallery, said, “This is a really positive addition to our site, bringing artwork alive and offering visitors the opportunity to discuss art directly with theartists.”

Photo of Dan Holden
Abstract painter Dan Holden

If you fancy a trip out to try something different, why not pay a visit to these new studios where you can be sure of a warm welcome, while gaining an insight into the working life of an artist. Yew Trees Artist Studios re-opened in April. Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm. Bevere Gallery is established as one of the leading UK ceramic showcases. Over 100 ceramicists are represented, placing Bevere alongside the very best of UK galleries. Jewellery, sculpture, garden art, original prints, paintings and metalwork are also on offer, plus a very popular takeout café with spacious countryside seating areas

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