Single cover for Gold by Kyle Parsons

Once in a while, the vocals of a singer can capture your whole attention, make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, with their tone and warmth.

Worcestershire based Kyle Parsons has one of those voices. His new single “Gold”, is spun with heart warming notes , telling the story of someone who moves away to pursue a romance that ultimately fails. After spiralling into depression, Gold symbolises their restorative journey home. The message woven into this track, released on 7th May, is that it’s not the outward journey, but the tracing of your steps, where you learn the most about yourself.

A shuffle of drum beats gives a positive start to a beautifully strumming track, a literal poem set to music. Kyle’s voice is like a comforting embrace as it lilts and rises with a tenderness not heard often from a male vocalist. The subtly of guitar, drums, bass and keyboard float gently alongside each other, combining to create a glittering soundtrack to help Kyle’s golden tones shimmer even more. The melody lies with the keyboard, which trickles magnificently, carrying the lyrics upon the waves of each note.

Such a beautiful track, think of the sun seeping through the trees on a warm evening, an image the cover art artwork shows, and is perfectly fitting. The high notes Kyle reaches as the track reaches its end are incredible, I make no secret of being a huge fan of this guy’s voice, his range means he could sing anything and it would be as smooth as liquid gold.

It’s no surprise that this single is written, performed and produced by Kyle himself, the emotion and commitment to the meaning behind the lyrics is one that can only be expressed by someone who has taken the journey to write them. What comes from that is a single that holds so much empathy and understanding both musically and lyrically.  The track was part recorded at ACM Birmingham by Steve Adkins, and part recorded in Kyle’s home studio, adding yet another element to this feel good, comforting single.

After discovering Kyle’s music, I literally can not wait to see him perform live. His music is perfect for an acoustic guitar set that will pull on your heart strings, make your spine tingle with warmth and get you waving your phone torches in the air. A super talented singer/songwriter that deserves to be heard and adored.

Kyle whatever “it” is, you’ve got it.

By: Kate Ford

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