Single cover for The Answer by Max Stockin

Friday 6th May sees the 6th original release from full time musician Max Stockin. The Worcester based singer/songwriter has been releasing his solo material since January 2020, and his new release “The Answer” is taking a different turn to his previous singles. Most notably, this is the first song he’s done that doesn’t have love/relationships as the subject matter. Speaking of the single, Max says “This is all about being yourself, and being individual, regardless of what people think”.

The track opens with energy, and an ear pleasing intro that rat-a-tat tats into a strong guitar driven song that revolves around empowering and motivational lyrics. Again, Max and his distinctive voice stamp the hallmark of authenticity onto this track, sang with his usual passion, which leads to you know beyond doubt that the subject matter comes from the heart.

A consistent beat loops throughout the song, which, as ever with Maxs’ music, makes it an irresistible and catchy tune. A defiant message of not following trends, not changing yourself in order to fit in, spills out from each note, with a mellow intro into the chorus enticing us to leave the world behind. With an undeniable urge to sing along, “The Answer” holds anthemic qualities, and the lyrics can be interpreted to mean different things to different people, creating infinite possibilities to connect and relate to.

Max has said that Queen are a massive influence on him, and he wanted to write a song that captures an audience and compels them to sing along, in the vibe of “We Are The Champions” and “The Show Must Go On”.

While “The Answer” doesn’t hold the gut-wrenching emotion of those show stopping songs, (and how can it, when it’s melody is pure happiness wrapped up in addictive chords!?),  what it does have in common with them is that is certainly is a show stopper that evokes camaraderie. It’s a song to hold your pint up to at the end of a gig and sing out loud. It has a celebratory energy that is crying out to end a night of music on a high. Previous tracks have included a slower move into the final part of the song, but the irresistible and playful melody and beats that make up this single, continue throughout, flowing sleekly into the sweet confection that is the final product. The layers behind the vocals and guitar are subtle, yet essential to giving the song those gripping sounds that joyfully hang around in your head long after the track finishes.

Full of vibrant and catchy hooks, this track is insistent on becoming a life changing mantra that demands the listener to be themselves and not change for anyone .

By: Kate Ford

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