Single Cover for Seeing You Around by Lower Loveday

“Seeing You Around” is the new single from indie pop duo Lower Loveday, who hail from Evesham. Now based in Manchester, Mark and Tom have been friends since school, and their mutual love of infectious indie music came to provide the musical foundation of what was to come.

This single, released on Friday 30th April, was produced with the produçtion duo Sugar House, and comes in at just under three minutes long. It is packed full of the familiar fearless energy we’ve come to expect. With the vocals hitting from the get go, Seeing You Around evolves into a narrative that describes a turning point where a romantic interest changes dynamic. Singer Mark explains “This is accompanied by thoughts of paranoia and self doubt”. The track has a beat heavy, yet mellow vibe, and joyfully repeats its own infectious hooks , making it yet another powerhouse track that crawls into your brain and stays there, long after you finish listening to it. It’s the right kind of infectious, if you know what I mean.

Yet again, the simplicity of the lyrics, which often hold more melancholy than the upbeat music implies, is what makes a Lower Loveday track so irresistably catchy. It’s a punchy offering of slick, recognisable vocals, and smooth, well oiled beats and notes, which together create another winner for this seasoned duo.

Compared to previous releases, this single runs a teeny bit slower, and feels like the musings of a guy trying to adapt to not seeing a once familiar face around any more. The pulsing beats that trip along behind these thoughts are steady throughout, but rise and fall when necessary to convey the feelings. The bridge really chills out, as the line “Never thought that I would fall for you” repeats over and over.

Lower Loveday’s sound takes influence from electronic acts of the 80s , such as Pet Shop Boys and Human League, both renowned for releasing memorable pop anthems. Add to those influences the contemporary production, and these guys are a force to be reckoned with.

On the whole, the track ticks all the boxes for a feel good dance floor anthem. Grab a drink, raise your glass and belt out the chorus over and over into the air.

Even ahead of its official release , Seeing You Around has had radio airplay, and deservedly so. It’s ability to pull even the moodiest moods out of a funk is not one to be ignored. If music was a colour, this single would be a rainbow.

By: Kate Ford

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