Single cover for General Practice by Y!KES

When I hear Y!KES have new music out, I expect loud and punchy, fast paced Punk/Rock energy. New release “General Practice” doesn’t lack in energy but it does deliver it in a different way to previous releases. And the result is bone chillingly epic and awe inducing in equal measure.

The lyric, “When I’m high it gets me low” is a nod to the meaning behind this melancholy belter, dealing with the effects of being dependant on mood altering medication, a subject that needs to be treated with respect , and that’s exactly what these guys do.

The intro wastes no time in tying together vocals and instruments into a distorted mix, a feeling of hallucinating brain fog, before the lyrics come into focus with crystal clarity. A grooving grunge guitar filters effortlessly through, and gives a feel of Nirvana and Radiohead.

Vocals get grittier and the track delves deeper to deliver and almost chilling portrayal of the highs and lows experienced, beats that meander like the changing pace of adrenalin.

A haunting and almost chilling guitar solo screeches beautifully atop and crashing drum beat, pushing talent and expertise to the front of minds as we listen in awe of these clearly talents musicians.

General Practice reaffirms the many reasons I believe why Y!KES have built up such a solid and loyal following. Their sheer professionalism in their approach to music, and the videos they produce to accompany it, prove that they always mean business. Featuring rugby union player Levi Davis, and Chloe Ozwell from West Midlands rock band, Sister Shotgun, the video by film maker Zak Taylor, visually plays out the story and depicts the delusions, hysteria and paranoia encountered on this taboo journey. It cleverly ties in with the moods that are painted by the deep soundtrack.

Such a hard hitting track offers a surprising ability to listen again and again, the sign of a true anthem that can be sung out from the listening gig goers long after the band have exited the stage. It’s good to hear a different side to this truly exciting band, the range and variety they can offer us makes their upcoming EP “Lostalgia” one to hit pre-save on.

These guys are ready for fame, festival headline worthy, and worth every second of air time they get. If you’ve never heard of them before , now’s the time to join the party.

By: Kate Ford

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