Single cover for Work It by Sebastian

Being a music reviewer, many different genres are thrown my way, and I am happily open minded to all. One genre I knew very little about was funk. Minneapolis sound is a sub genre of funk rock with elements of synth pop and new wave, that was pioneered by Prince in the late 1970s. Then I had the opportunity to review some music by a Birmingham/Midlands based artist called Sebastian. Not only did his songs introduce me to this particular style of music, I found I actually enjoyed it.

“Work It”, released Friday 23rd July, is Sebastians latest release , and it doesn’t disappoint. Featuring “the favourite guitar solo (he’s) ever played”, this is a simple track about having fun on a night out. The groove is felt immediately, as the delectable tune guides you up onto an invisible dance floor. Produced by Sebastian himself at home in his studio, like all his releases, the three and a half minute track bumps and grinds effortlessly.

Featuring funky bass rhythms, and a late 80s Roland drum machine, Sebastian yet again emulates a whole era from the history of music with such expertise. “Work It” doesn’t spiral off into a different direction, it doesn’t have thought provoking lyrics that make you think but, that’s because it doesn’t need to. The brief was to be fun and enjoyable, and it was met and exceeded, as expected from this one man funk machine.

The guitar solo is indeed pretty impressive, and adds polish to an already shiny performance. The synth effects provide added smooth to an irresistible pulsing beat that meanders throughout. Plenty of winding notes and pops to plant the track firmly in the era that inspires Ssbastians work.

The artwork for his tracks adds even more authenticity to the sounds he magically produces, leading me to believe his live performances would certainly transport you back to a forgotten, and perhaps overlooked era of music.

Thank you Seb, for opening my ears to something I knew little about. You are a natural star. Shine bright.

By: Kate Ford

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