Single cover for Work It by Sebastian

Work It by Sebastian – Single Review

Being a music reviewer, many different genres are thrown my way, and I am happily open minded to all. One genre I knew very little about was funk. Minneapolis sound is a sub genre of funk rock with elements of […]

Single cover for I Heard A Rumour by Sebastian

I Heard A Rumour by Sebastian – Review

Birmingham based Funk artist Sebastian released his latest groove on 28th May. Leaving the lyrics up for interpretation Sebastian simply says that “I Heard A Rumour”  is a song inspired by a past experience. The track opens with the most […]

Cover of Dance Til We Die by Sebastian Album

Dance Til We Die by Sebastian – Album Review

Reviewing opens up my musical listening repertoire and broadens my horizons beyond imagination. Funk is not a genre I’ve really listened to, but, I’m not opposed to anything, afterall, variety is the spice of life so they say. So, step […]